Letter from the President


What a long, strange journey we’ve all been on.

As we’ve had to rally ourselves and our organizations, I think many of have us have taken stock of our lives, of what we value and what we believe matters most.

At our agency, we’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on why we do what we do. And what it comes down to is this:

  • Change is hard – it’s difficult to ensure it will be successful and can be exhausting for the people who endure it.
  • Our work helps people feel more connected and in control when the world shifts around them.
  • Communication is essential for the human spirit – it sustains us as rational, emotional, and social beings. This is Livewire’s Purpose.

We’ve built our practice on the knowledge that change is only successful when employees feel it happens with them, not to them. But we haven’t thought about it so clearly or seen it at work so definitively as we have done over the past year.

In employee communications, you’re always aware that your work is done for and with people. But sometimes, you can get so focused on defining the strategy, crafting the message, or executing a tactic perfectly that you lose sight of what’s most important.

The point is the human connection.

Rational and emotional – we must be both clear and creative, answer questions and move spirits.

Social, but also individual – we must strengthen the sense of personal involvement and safety as well as the sense of belonging and community.

Hopeful and transparent – we must be open and authentic but also inspire with the story of the opportunity that lies on the other side of change.

To miss one of these is to miscommunicate, to miss the moment where we ready our teams for the challenges ahead.

At Livewire, we are reflecting on how we do what we do, and to mark this evolution to our clients and ourselves, we have rebranded. We’re assessing what to improve, how to further help our clients be more successful, and where we can innovate that will have the greatest impact.

There’s so much coming at us all. Trends that will define this decade are the topics that we will be exploring in the pages of roger, from the future of work to the employee experience and the war for talent to communicating for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

It’s been a challenging year, but we’re excited by what we’ve learned, and look forward to sharing our new discoveries in the months to come.

Over and out.

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