Letter from the President


When people write that “a lot has happened since our last issue,” it’s not usually this dramatic. 

Our intention in creating roger was to contribute to a broader conversation about the strategic value of employee communications and what that means to organizational performance and culture.

Today, that value is so much clearer. The volatility of 2020 – including the COVID-19 pandemic, economic disruption, and widespread push for social change in response to racism – has brought the “people” side of work into even greater focus.

Work is people.

Around the globe, Human Resources and Internal Communications professionals have been pivotal in helping their companies assess, plan, react and prepare to move forward. They have done well: Essential roles are still staffed, work from home was undertaken by tens of millions of people with little warning, and companies are taking a hard look at their own cultures for diversity and inclusion. Organizations adapted because their people made it happen.

HR and IC have been in the trenches since day one and are still there, ensuring their colleagues are okay, that they know what they have to do, know they are supported, know their leaders are thinking about them and committed to their safety and delivering on their organization’s purpose.

They have been successful because their role requires that they understand what people need at work and know how to help employees navigate change, regardless of the source of disruption.

HR and IC are just as prepared to help lead in the recovery, to enable organizations to learn through this time and thrive, and to propel the next major transformations.

As issue 2 of roger comes of age during the pandemic, like so much else, it has shifted in its delivery model. We’re digital-first now, which is a major departure from our carefully crafted print publication. roger goes where its audience goes, and while so many of us work from home, online is our best way to get this content to you. We take the same consideration examining each topic (editor: possibly more) and are confident you will find each of these articles just as thoughtful. But we eagerly await the day when we print our next issue for all the experiential reasons we loved it the first time around.

Our features will drop with a cadence rather than in a single, bound issue. Our team has explored making emotional connection in a newly virtualized world, discussed change with Deloitte, and examined brand as a framework for shaping employee experience, among others. We are also introducing articles with more of a “news” orientation, and we will be bringing back some of the best and most relevant pieces from our archives.

The terrain about us and the horizon ahead are more compelling than ever.

We’re excited to share this work with you.

Over and out,