Letter from the President


In our agency’s 25-year-long history, we’ve witnessed first-hand a great evolution in employee communications. It’s fair to state that, in the past decade in particular, employee communications has come into its own as a discipline alongside marketing and PR, and today it’s being increasingly recognized as a powerful driver of business performance.

As the employee communications discipline has matured over the past few years, we have recognized that there is both a need and an appetite for in-depth articles about the value of effective communication with employees. We’ve learned a lot over the past 25 years and have a lot of thinking to share.

We had three goals in mind when we initiated this project and created our vision for ‘roger’. Our priority was to enable a broader dialogue about employee communications and its value in improving overall business performance. We also wanted to equip leaders with a deeper understanding of the strategic value of effective employee communications. And while supporting those two objectives, we decided to help internal communicators connect through the sharing of best practices in a different format than social media.

But most importantly, we are passionate about the potential of effective employee communications in improving business performance. We firmly believe that when more people are exposed to quality thinking about employee communications, the better the results will be for companies.

We also believe in the power of employee communications in improving employee experience. By sharing our thinking with leaders and internal communicators, we will equip them to effectively leverage employee communications to connect people to their roles and deliver meaning to their work, especially at times of change or transformation.

We wanted this publication to reflect both our passion for employee communications and its increasingly significant role in today’s business environment. We wanted it to be substantial. We wanted it to be thought-provoking. And we wanted it to be beautiful. We wanted it to be something that people would hand to a colleague and say, “Hey, read this and let’s talk about how we might apply this thinking in our organization.”

The first issue’s articles span many topics that intersect with employee communications, including leadership, culture, marketing and branding. Watch them spark conversation, just as we did as we wrote them.

This is roger. Enjoy it.

Over and out,